How We Invest


We deploy a variety of investment models, ranging from minority equity, right up to 100% acquisition.


We offer business advice, management consultancy and pain-point resolutions, either for an agreed fee, or share option.

Joint Venture

We can team up with other investors or shareholders to carry out an acquisition or a merger.

investing in your business

Considered investment, from people who care.

Integrity & Honesty

We believe transparency and honesty are the keys to a successful investment, and will treat your business with respect at all times.

Continued Care & Growth

We will look to treat your business with care by optimising its operations, and developing a growth strategy that will increase shareholder value.

community of investors

Investment Networking

Blackroc Enterprise is a member of an exclusive worldwide investors community, from which we can draw on expertise, resources and collaboration to ensure we are giving your business the best chance. 

Have something in mind? Let’s get to work.