We Invest In Small Business

Blackroc Enterprise Limited is the latest evolution of the Blackroc story which began in 1990


We seek to acquire or invest in small business, to grow, develop and strengthen its position in the market through a variety of methods.


We are able to support businesses who are in distress to restructure the situation, alleviate debt or resolve cash flow issues.

SCALE & Development

We engineer efficiencies in operations, management, restructuring finance and seeking synergistic mergers to help the business achieve growth.


Our Investment Models

We have a variety of different investment models, created to achieve our aims. These can vary from 100% acquisition, smaller equity participation to business advice and consultancy with share options included as part of the mix. Our strength is we can tailor the solution to fit. 

Expertise & KNowledge

Decades Of Business Experience

By partnering with Blackroc you are accessing more than 40 years of small business management expertise. 

Have something in mind? Let’s get to work.