As well as the key technology focus areas shown in other sections of this website, over the years, Blackroc have been involved in the development of many other general peripheral products associated with the mobile market. These include mobile printers (Bluetooth and serial), Communications products, (Infared, Serial, USB), and various RF products.



The Blackroc PRO60 is a 60mm thermal printer supplied in 2 versions:
The Pro60S, permanently attached to the Motorola (now called Zebra) Workabout Pro®and linked by internal serial port
The Pro60B powered by Bluetooth which can be directly attached to the Zebra Workabout Pro®, or can be
removed and used seperately as a Bluetooth® belt mount printer linking to any Bluetooth device.
This product ships to Zebra resellers worldwide (as printer only ready for attachment).


Blackroc also supply an assortment of accessories for the Pro60 range. Including leather case & charging cables.

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