Introducing GeoPod™2

Blackroc Technology announce the launch of GeoPod™2, the latest version in their range of GNSS rovers, which will be shown on their stand at the upcoming Intergeo show in Hamburg.

The GeoPod™2 is a small, lightweight and affordable GNSS Rover which has an in-built GNSS geo-helix antenna, co-aligned with a laser spot marker, enabling accurate positioning over a ground mark.

This allows users to carry out high accuracy detail surveys without having to haul around a sometimes heavy and awkward detail pole and GNSS antblackroc-render-layout-geoconexionenna combination.

The GeoPod™2 marks a huge step forward from Blackoc’s earlier GeoPod™1 in that it incorporates its own rechargeable battery and allows full wireless communication with external devices like tablets and mobile computers, without the need for external cable connection to the host device.

An internal accelerometer ensures that the antenna and laser spot can be aligned vertically. Optionally, a circular bubble can also be integrated for visible confirmation.

Different versions of GeoPod™2 provide for different levels of accuracy requirement from single frequency GNSS with SBAS right up to full dual frequency RTK, so you only pay for the accuracy you need.

All variants are GPS and Glonass enabled and Beidou versions are available with Galileo as a future option.

The GeoPod™2 can be easily attached to a rugged field tablet, handheld computer or other mobile device, by means of dedicated mounting brackets designed to attach to any of huge array of globally available low cost GoPro™ camera mounts.

The GeoPod™2 is self-powered via an internal high capacity rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which can be fast recharged via a waterproof micro USB port, providing cable free attachment to an external device.

Communication is wireless via WiFi or Bluetooth or via a USB cable if desired.

An embedded web server provides device independence and enables observation of position data, battery status, and configuration.

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