Blackroc have a key business focus in imaging and sensing technology. Some years ago (in 2006), we developed our first imaging camera, (the C31M) which was based on a 3.1 Mp imager from Aptina (formerly Micron). In those days, only the base image sensor was available to OEMs and so we had to write all the image chain processing software at very low level (a mixture of ‘C’ and assembler level language running on powerful microprocessors).


Our latest activities in imaging have drawn us into areas of the spectrum beyond visible light and into the near, middle and far infra-red zones. Imaging and spectral analysis in these zones offers really exciting prospects for providing digital information unseen by visible light cameras, and opens up a wealth of new solutions and critical information to many diverse markets.


The initial physical products which we are delivering focus on two key functional areas of imaging technology. The first will be a dual visible light and thermal imaging camera This product will also provide radiometric data (approximate temperatures) from objects in the image. The combination of visible and thermal imagery, provides a better understanding of thermal image features.