Blackroc first became involved in GPS and positioning in general, in 2009, when we produced a camera for a Motorola handheld product and we added into that product a commercial grade GPS receiver, in order to provide a simple position fix for captured camera images.

Commercial grade GPS will provide a fix accuracy around 10 metres, and to improve accuracy we added SBAS correction into the receiver which gave it a fix accuracy of around 2 metres, which was plenty for geofixing of general images.


Certain customers soon started asking us for sub-metre accuracy and even sub half-metre accuracy GPS for construction and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) purposes and as a result we then became involved in the world of high accuracy satellite positioning which requires a major step up in terms of electronic and software complexity. (Note GPS is the most familiar acronym for satellite positioning but it is nowadays just one of 4 satellite constellations, in various stages of implementation, all grouped under the umbrella term of GNSS.


This evolved into Blackroc producing its first professional grade GNSS product range called the Procyon™ in 2011 which was closely targeted at the needs of professional users who need higher accuracies of fix. Such users include utilities companies, construction companies in general, GIS surveyors and cadastral surveyors. To meet their needs the Procyon™ was capable of fix accuracies right down to 1cm in horizontal position.

The Geopod range is a tablet mount-on unit which enables a tablet PC (or a handheld) with the very highest levels of accuracy in GNSS positioning. Because the Geopod can also be easily mounted to handhelds like the Motorola (now called Zebra) Workabout Pro, it makes the dedicated Procyon redundant and so the Procyon dedicated  Workabout product has been withdrawn from sale as of Q2 2016,

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