There is no need to haul around a heavy GNSS pole and antenna for detail surveys if you use Blackroc’s Geopod™2. The Geopod™2 is a small, lightweight, weatherproof, affordable GNSS rover which has an in-built, survey grade GNSS Helicore, co-aligned with a laser spot marker, enabling accurate positioning over a ground mark. An internal accelerometer (or optionally, a spirit bubble), ensures verticality of the unit.


The GeoPod™2 builds upon the features of Blackroc’s original GeoPod™ 1 to provide users with greatly enhanced functionality. The all-new unit can be used self-powered by its own internal rechargeable battery, and can link to other devices by USB, Bluetooth or WiFi. By incorporating a laser pointer co-aligned with the GNSS antenna, many users can now dispense with a survey pole.

Range & application

A range of devices is available providing global positioning from low cost sub-metre grade up to professional survey grade RTK GNSS. You only pay for the accuracy you need.

Applications for the GeoPod™2 include GIS surveys, construction, utility mapping, forestry mapping, highway maintenance, local authority mapping, emergency services and many more.


Added to a tablet PC, the Geopod™2 allows the tablet to be upgraded to a full specification GNSS survey and mapping system without any costly re-engineering of the tablet platform. The same applies to handheld computers and any other intelligent host. 

Because the Geopod™2 incorporates the widely available mounting system of one of the world’s most popular outdoor cameras, (the GoPro™), this means you can attach the Geopod™2  to almost anything, whether that be a tablet, mobile phone, positioning pole and much more.

Powerful Interfaces

The GeoPod™2 offers seamless connectivity, to ensure you stay connected no matter where you are.

  • Wifi 
  • Bluetooth 
  • USB 
  • Integrated Web-Server 

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This model is the entry level sub-metre grade professional GPS product. It is a 12 channel unit aimed at general purpose GIS data capture

and is capable of delivering a sub-metre horizontal fix accuracy of 70cm, just using SBAS corrections and the on-board L1, Helicore  antenna. Capable of 50cm accuracy using DGPS correction.


GeoPod™2 PRO

The Geopod 2 Pro is the first of the sub half-metre grade products and is a higher accuracy unit aimed at high accuracy GIS data capture.
It is GPS and Glonass enabled, and is a 120 channel unit capable of delivering a fix accuracy of 45cm in L1 mode using DGNSS correction. Just using SBAS it can deliver a fix accuracy of 60cm.
Another key benefit of the Pro unit is that it can later be field upgraded by software to the Elite version.

GeoPod™2 ELITE

The GeoPod 2 Elite is a very high accuracy 120 channel survey grade product aimed at the land survey and construction markets.
This unit is a full dual frequency RTK capable unit which will deliver an RMSH fix accuracy of 1 cm + 1ppm. GPS and GLONASS enabled as standard, the Elite can also be field upgraded to include Galileo or Beidou. This unit is fitted with a L1/L2 dual frequency Helicore Antenna

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Features at a glance:


Multi constellation support

The GeoPod™2 supports multiple GNSS constellations, including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo. Optional RTK corrections delivered over the cellular data network gives accuracies down to 1cm

Spot marker

Uniquely, a laser spot marker is included. Along with the built-in accelerometer, the unit can be positioned over a mark and be guaranteed to be vertical.

Self Powered

The unit is powered by an internal 3 Ah Li-ion battery, recharged via the micro USB connector, delivering up to 8 hours operating time.


Connects to a host via a micro USB connector, Bluetooth or WiFi.
Positioning data is made available to the host over a TCP/IP stream, or a Bluetooth ‘virtual’ Com port. Android devices receive data injected via their ‘mock locations’ function. For RTK capable models, the built-in NTRIP client also connects over TCP/IP to the host’s wide area radio (cellular data) network.


Configured and monitored by use of an embedded web server.
The unit can be monitored simply by use of a web browser on the host. Current status can be observed.

GoPro® Mounting System

The GeoPod™2 features a fully GoPro® compatible mounting system. The optional mounting brackets combine with your choice of base to create a fully adaptable mount. Additionally, the GeoPod™2 has mounting bosses for custom brackets for mounting to dedicated equipment.

Interchangeable Antenna

The Helicore antenna supplied with the unit as standard, may be replaced by a cable attached external GNSS active antenna if desired.

Compatible with multiple platforms

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