About Blackroc

C32M Picture transparentBlackroc Technology has a long pedigree in the development, manufacture and integration of specialist technologies within the general field of handheld and mobile computing and associated sensing, positioning and identification technologies.
Custom rugged solutions have been produced for many customers in a wide spread of industrial markets. At the extreme rugged end of this spectrum we have supplied all branches of the military, where at one time Blackroc rugged handheld devices were regarded among the toughest handheld military computing equipment available.
Towards the more commercial end of the spectrum, we have supplied customised product in to the parking industry for many years, and to many other companies and markets from RFID enabled waste bin collection to stock control devices in supermarkets.
Custom product manufacture is still a core element of the business today, and we have in recent years added camera and imaging technology together with precise satellite positioning to our portfolio of technology competences.
Essentially we design develop and manufacture finished products encompassing the individual components and IP and the fruits of advanced research produced by other specialist component suppliers. IPro 60 picture transparentn so doing we partner with some of the worlds most respected research organisations, and commercial companies who are recognised specialists in their field. Generally, we don’t design and develop the core sensing technologies themselves but integrate them into working solutions.
We see our job as integrating leading edge technologies into working platforms which are ergonomic, often innovative and designed for specific applications and markets. In this role we are low level systems integrators. We design the command and control central processing units and software which integrate these technologies into a homogenous whole. As such these devices are geopod image transparentgeneric and offer application benefits across a broad spectrum of different markets.
The end product is often a complete working hardware solution with embedded control firmware, shipped with an SDK (software developer’s kit), so that application developers can integrate the hardware with their own specialist vertical market application.

Professional Services


Blackroc have a pedigree in designing custom hardware & manufacture. We have our own range of products which have all been designed in house. We offer our knowledge in this area as a service to you.


Working with technologies such as RFID, Barcode & GPS/GNSS for just over 25 years has enabled us to be able to consult and evaluate other companies projects and plans. We offer our extensive knowledge in complex areas as a service to make planning your next project that bit easier.


If you wish Blackroc can go out and inspect and survey your site & advise on the particular requirements you might need for a certain task. Having worked many businesses over the years & advising them on the solutions they need, we have built up a reputation for reliable surveys & consultation.


After purchasing one of Blackroc’s products or a third party product, we offer you a comprehensive provision of after-sale support & maintenance contracts, to ensure that you are satisfied with your product and service for as long as possible.